It was a packed house as this year’s KSEF Valentine’s Gala filled the ballroom of the Fairmont Hotel. The evening was filled with excitement and yet, the sadness of the passing of several KSEF members, including Dr. Rex Crawley, couldn’t be ignored. Rex’s life was cut short due to his battle with cancer as he waited a matching bone marrow donor. During his final months here with us, his focus was in increase the number of African American registrants on the bone marrow donor registry. He realized that although he may not receive a bone marrow transplant in time to save his life, that we as a community needed to make every effort in making certain other lives can be saved.

Emmy Award winning director/producer Emmai Alaquiva produced a short documentary film, showcasing Dr. Crawley’s life. His wife, Daria C. Crawley, Ph.D. was on hand for this very special premier. His life and legacy will live on through those who remain. He was truly an amazing person with a love of family, his students and above all, God. We’ll miss you Dr. Crawley…

The Kappa Scholarship Endowment Fund (KSEF) was the brainchild of Mr. Thomas A. Motley, Sr., past Polemarch of the Pittsburgh Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. KSEF was created as the philanthropic arm of the Pittsburgh Alumni Chapter to offer financial assistance via scholarships and financial awards to support the need of African American students at undergraduate and graduate levels. It received 501(c)(3) status in July 1991.

KSEF serves as a focal point of financial and philanthropic resources to the African American community with particular emphasis on African American men, while assisting in making the Fraternity a more prominent force in the community. Since its inception, recipients of scholarships and financial awards have excelled academically and continue to develop their skills to be competitive in the 21st century.

To further foster its mission to provide philanthropic support through academic scholarships to high school seniors, KSEF has partnered with Robert Morris University and Penn State University to target a broader pool of talented African American students. KSEF has likewise partnered with NEED to better leverage its scholarship dollars awarded to talented college-bound students. In addition to the high school awards, KSEF offers the Marcus P. Blakemore Undergraduate Award to talented undergraduate members of Kappa Alpha Psi in the Western Pennsylvania area.